M3forDOS: an MSDOS implementation of Modula-3

M3forDOS is a port of SRC Modula-3 version 3.1 to a PC running MSDOS. It is available via anonymous ftp from gatekeeper.dec.com and its mirrors in pub/DEC/Modula-3/contrib/M3forDOS.

The system used to be called "ex32", but that's really only the name of the DOS extender. Here is the announcement for the earlier system:

From: Preschern@edvz.uni-klagenfurt.ada.at (Klaus Preschern)
Subject: M3 v2.11 for DOS available
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 1994 22:14:45 +0200

Hello M3 world!

There is another port of SRC Modula-3 for DOS available. It is in
gatekeeper.dec.com:pub/DEC/Modula-3/contrib/ex32. It has the following

- for i386/i387 (coprocessor required!) or upward with DOS 5.00 or higher
- 8 MB RAM recommended (should work slow with 4 MB)
- occupies unzipped and untared approx. 33 Megs of disk space
- supports XMS (no support for EMS, VCPI or DPMI)
- SRC Modula-3 2.11 (driver, compiler and library including threads!)
- comes with GNU C++ 2.4.5 (gcc, cpp, cc1, as, ld, ar, ranlib, make, ...)
- two C libraries, a graphics library for VGA (640x480x16, no M3 bindings)
- a very simple shell, a number of commands (cp, rm, mv, mkdir, ls, ...) and
  32 character filenames

Note: This is the first puplic release of this system. It is currently for
experienced pioneers only. Please let me know if you have problems.


	Klaus Preschern

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