3.4    3D Desktop

• Desktop with 3D Task List (Task-Dock)

The image shows the 3D task list with the Recycler and the Language Selection Box on it. Above the task list you can see a number of 3D icons. The viewer is located outside of the center of the desktop folder. Click on the image for a larger view.

• Desktop with Background and Color/Material Selection

The image shows the 3D desktop with 3D folders for background and color/material selection opened. The 3D icons of the opened folders are placed on the task list.

• Background Selection View

The background selection folder shows a number of spheres with different cube maps projected on them. It is possible to change the background of a opened 3D folder by dropping one of these spheres on it.

• Inside the 3D Desktop

The image shows the 3D Desktop with changed background and another 3D folder opened. The opened folder is selected in the 3D icon list. The viewer is located in the center of the desktop folder.